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Since 1998

Trusted by 180,000 Network Marketers.

Never worry again about running out of prospects to discuss your business with. Say goodbye to:

  • Annoying family and friends
  • Wasting time and money on advertising
  • Endless hours on social media or content creation that goes unnoticed
  • Expensive sales funnel development and endless copywriting.

With every order, you can CUSTOMIZE the following:

  • Select your preferred days for lead delivery.
  • Specify the daily lead quantity.
  • Choose the gender of your leads.
  • Pick the states you prefer for your leads (up to 5).
  • Enjoy the flexibility to pause your order anytime in your client portal.

Your ultimate one-stop-shop for the very best Home Based Business and MLM leads!

LEADPOWER highly successful, and reputable VENDOR specializing in top-quality MLM leads.

As your ultimate one-stop-shop for premium Home Based Business and MLM leads, we provide you with exclusively fresh and up-to-date leads, enabling you to construct a thriving, lucrative, and enduring business.

Rest assured, all the leads you receive from us are individuals who have actively expressed their interest in joining a home-based business, making them exceptionally qualified prospects in the realm of MLM leads.

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We provide you with our proprietary user-interface Back Office that delivers your leads in real-time

And there's even more! We offer our exclusive Back Office user interface, which delivers your leads instantly and provides 24/7 access to your data.

You'll receive a username and password, granting you direct access to all your leads and information at your convenience. Whenever we generate a new lead, you'll receive an email notification, and the data will be securely stored in your Back Office as an additional backup.

Plus, if you're going away for a few days, you have the flexibility to pause and restart your leads anytime.

Mini Training Course with video and PDF's

Before You Start Contacting Your Leads Please Watch These Video’s

Getting Started

How to Contact your prospects.

How to Close your prospects.

Contacting your Prospects

CLosing your Prospects