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Our Telephone Interviewed Leads are NOT just ‘contact lists’ (as you might get with other, inferior companies).

Our Verification Department: Calls the lead. Has an actual phone conversation, and interviews the prospect Confirms the prospect is serious about wanting to start a home business.

Confirms that the prospect wants a callback.

Then you get the lead. You receive all the contact information along with the best time to call these prospects back.

Additional Benefits…

  • LeadPower provides you with FREE Live Training (You get to listen to our instructor call actual leads and teach you the most effective methods.)
  • You get field-tested time-proven CALL SCRIPTS.
  • You get to work consistently – ELIMINATE IDLE TIME!
  • Your leads are delivered Monday through Friday (occasionally also on Saturday & Sunday)
  • You get to work consistently – ELIMINATE IDLE TIME!

Fresh Telephones (0-48 HRS)

Fresh Telephones (0-48 HRS) 100 - Leadpower
Fresh Telephones (0-48 HRS) 200 - Leadpower
Fresh Telephones (0-48 HRS) 300 - Leadpower
Save 42%
Fresh Telephones (0-48 HRS) 600 - Leadpower
Save 27%