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IMAGINE being able to hand-select up to 5 telephone area codes as your targeted local area.

Then, receive as many pre-qualified prospects as you want. These leads are ALL people who have ‘raised their hands to show they are interested in a Home-Based Business.

This is PERFECT for when you want to meet your prospects in person or invite them to an upcoming meeting in a local area. Just THINK how big and profitable your team would be if you could have brand new guests at every company event around the country. WOW!!

GETTING THESE LEADS IS FAR BETTER than the hit-or-miss strategy of running ads in a local paper or online forum.

You don’t waste your money or your time writing and testing different ads to see what works. And it’s OBVIOUSLY far more effective that trying to work referrals, because you don’t waste crazy amounts of time trying to reach and then qualify people who may have zero interest.

This is CLEARLY SUPERIOR because we have literally done ALL the work in advance.

You get to focus on contacting and then making presentations to people who have already said they’re interested in a Home-Based Business. What could be better? No prospecting. No guessing. Just contact people who have already shown they are interested and make your presentation.

This is how others are using these pre-qualified local leads now:

  • Build a local team
  • Support team members in other parts of the country
  • Have guests attend local meetings
  • Build nationally by having guests attend company events

Here’s How It Works.

  • STEP 1: You select one of our packages of between 50 – 200 leads.
  • STEP 2: Then select the telephone area codes you want.
  • STEP 3: Now decide how many leads you want each day, at the maximum.


Every day at about 5:00 pm eastern we deliver your leads directly to you in your back office.

Local Area Code Leads

Local Area Code Leads 125 - Leadpower
Local Area Code Leads 250 - Leadpower
Local Area Code Leads 500 - Leadpower
Local Area Code Leads 1,000 - Leadpower
Bonus Time Order 125 and GET 250 Daily Area Code Leads - Leadpower
Save 50%
Bonus Time 150 and Get 300 Real Time Telephones - Leadpower
Save 55%
Bonus Time Order 300 and GET 600 Fresh Telephones Leads - Leadpower
Save 51%
Bonus Time Order 50 and GET 100 Investment Qualified Telephone Interviewed - Leadpower
Save 60%